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Protecting Homeowner’s Rights in Foreclosure Proceedings

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments and have been served with notice of a foreclosure action, or if you are simply worried that your lender will file for foreclosure, you don’t have to be a passive participant in the process! You have rights. The attorneys at Shaffer & Gaier, will aggressively protect your interests. Even if your lender has sued you or taken a judgment against your home, it is not too late.

At Shaffer & Gaier, with offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida, we have more than 45 years of collective legal experience handling a wide range of foreclosure issues for homeowners. We will help you resolve your dispute, no matter how small or large. We recognize that every situation is different, but our commitment is always the same — to use our skill, knowledge, experience and resources to help you get the best outcome possible as quickly as possible and in a cost-effective manner. We know from experience that positive legal results come from a combination of hard work and attention to detail.

To arrange a meeting with our experienced foreclosure defense attorneys, contact us online or call our foreclosure hotline at 855-289-1660.

Assert Your Rights in a Foreclosure Proceeding!

At Shaffer & Gaier, we take aggressive action on behalf of our foreclosure clients. If you have been the victim of illegal or improper conduct by a mortgage lender, including predatory lending practices or violation of disclosure requirements, we won’t simply defend against the foreclosure action. When appropriate, we will file a countersuit against your lender for putting you into a bad loan or for engaging in fraud, misrepresentation or other wrongful conduct. We are not afraid to take on any mortgage lender, including large national and international banks. Foreclosure litigation can also lead to mediation or conciliation with your lender and Shaffer & Gaier will guide you and represent you in those processes.

When you hire us to protect your rights in a foreclosure proceeding, we will meticulously review all the documentation relating to the purchase and financing of your home. Though we are never afraid to take your case to court, if we can meet your objectives by negotiating a loan modification, we will do so.

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We provide a free initial consultation to anyone with concerns about foreclosure or who is involved in foreclosure proceedings. To schedule an appointment, call our foreclosure hotline at 855-289-1660 or contact us online. Evening and weekend meetings can be arranged upon request. We will travel to your home if necessary to meet with you.

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